pokemon go templePokemon GO is slowly taking over the world, and given the cultural impact that the Pokemon franchise has had on players young and old, safe to say that there are millions of players around the world roaming world trying to collect Pokemon. Now there is a time and a place to play the game, and previously we reported that one shrine in Japan had actually banned the game.


We suppose it’s fair as they probably don’t want gamers trampling over the sacred grounds and making a lot of noise in a place that’s meant to promote peace and serenity. We expected many other temples and shrines to follow suit, but interestingly enough over in Kyoto, at least one Buddhist temple is actually welcoming Pokemon GO gamers with open arms.

The temple has announced that gamers are more than welcome to come onto its grounds in search of Pokemon. They also announced that they will be transforming itself into a Pokemon gym, or at least partially. There are even free cell phone chargers provided so that gamers low on battery will be able to recharge themselves and keep playing.

We have to admit it is a rather nice gesture, but hopefully players will also be able to moderate themselves and not make too much of a ruckus in consideration of other visitors who are there on non-Pokemon business.

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