Image credit - Miya.m

Image credit – Miya.m


Just like taking a selfie, there are times when playing Pokemon GO might not necessarily be appropriate, such as in religious landmarks which is why over in Japan, one of the country’s oldest and most important Shinto shrines Izumo-taisha has banned visitors from playing Pokemon GO on its premises.

We suppose this makes sense as it is supposed to be a sacred area where visitors can go to meditate and admire the peace and tranquility, something that will most definitely be disrupted if people were to be allowed to run amok trying to catch Pokemon, thus disturbing visitors of the area.

The warning has been posted on its website where it states that the game is banned inside the shrine as well as its surrounding grounds. We suppose it wouldn’t really be a surprise if we saw other Shinto shrines and temples follow in their footsteps, especially with the game releasing in Japan not too long ago, and where apparently the first Pokemon GO-related accident has already occurred in the country.

Like we said, there is a time and place for everything, so even if Pokemon GO isn’t necessarily banned somewhere, using common sense will tell if whether or not it would be appropriate to play the game.

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