pokemon goIt is no secret that in-app purchases are a lucrative business model. This is why many developers have opted to make in-app purchases more or less a standard feature in their games. Whether it be a pay-to-win model, in which players who pay for in-app purchases get items that help make them more powerful in the game, or if they are largely cosmetic purchases to just change the appearance of their characters.

That being said, Pokemon GO appears to be particularly lucrative due to the fact that it is banking on the Pokemon franchise, and last we heard, the game had already made over $200 million since its release. As to how they reached that number, we might have an inkling thanks to a poll conducted in the UK in which it revealed that more than 1 million players have spent real-life money on the game.

According to the survey conducted by YouGov, it was found that most of the players that have spent money on the game have spent anywhere between 1 pound to 15 pounds. However there are also a subset of players who have spent more, with 250,000 or so spending more than 15 pounds, while around 150,000 have spent over 30 pounds. They also found that there are around 7,000 players who have actually racked up more than 75 pounds in in-app purchases.

YouGov boss Stephen Harmston said, “It is a mistake to think that this is just a fad for young people. Our data makes it clear that not only have a lot of people downloaded the game [but] the vast majority are still playing it.”

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