pokemon go neglectWe know that certain video games can be particularly engrossing. For example online games like World of Warcraft had in the past gotten a bit of a bad rep by parents who neglected their children while they played the game. In some cases, their children even died as a result of their neglect, and now it looks like Pokemon GO could be headed down the same dark path.

According to reports, it seems that an Arizona couple had decided to abandon their 2-year old at home alone by himself while they ran off to play Pokemon GO outside. A report from the Pinal County Sheriff’s office revealed that police officers found the child outside the home in 96-degree heat wearing nothing but a diaper and a t-shirt.

It was only when a neighbor noticed that the authorities were alerted. In a statement by the sheriff’s office, it seems that the father wasn’t too fussed when he learnt about it. “Deputies found a phone number for someone they believed was the boy’s dad. When they called and told him his child was found abandoned, he replied, ‘Whatever,’ and hung up the phone.”

Both parents have since been arrested and the Department of Child Services has since taken custody of the boy.

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