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These days with the majority of cameras being digital, there really isn’t much need to buy film anymore. However just like vinyl, there are photographers who believe that film is still the best way to go as the process of washing and developing your own photos can be considered an artistic process as well.

That being said, the bad news is that if you rely largely on Fujifilm’s films, you might be disappointed to learn that the company has announced (via Photo Rumors) that they will be discontinuing their film multipacks. Note that this does not mean that Fujifilm’s films will be discontinued entirely as this only applies to their multipacks.

This means that if you want to buy film from Fujifilm, you’ll have to buy them in singles which is admittedly more expensive. Is this a big deal? According to a post on Japan Camera Hunter, its implications might be larger than we think. “So without mentioning it, we have just been hit with a hidden price hike. This will inevitably price the films out of the range of some and make them less popular, meaning sales drop, meaning price hikes again and finally leading to discontinuation. Like a self fulfilling prophecy.”

Now we’re not sure if that is Fujifilm’s intention, but either way if you do take photos on film, maybe now might be a good time to stock up on those multipacks, lest they are sold out as they will not be replenished again.

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