There are countless advantages of working on a laptop, portability being one of them, but there’s one issue that exists with just about every computer. You have no expectation of privacy if someone can just walk up right behind you and take a look at the screen. It’s another matter if you have your back to the wall and know that nobody can creep up on you, otherwise preventing over-the-shoulder spying is pretty much impossible. HP has created a new kind of display which prevents people from spying on you.

It’s the same idea as the third-party privacy filters that can be purchased and attached to displays. The only problem with them is that users are then stuck with a darker laptop screen which is harder to view.

HP’s solution is different. Its Sure View display technology has been built in collaboration with 3M. The technology ensures that only the user in front of it can see the display as long as they are facing it straight on by preventing light from shooting off to one side or the side. This means that if someone was to try and take a peek around your shoulder they will not be able to see anything.


This privacy filter can easily be turned on and off by pressing a shortcut on the keyboard, enabling users to turn it off when they don’t need it. HP’s Sure View display will be available on two of its notebooks – the EliteBook 1040 and EliteBook 840 – starting next month.

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