Wouldn’t it be great if you were carrying around your laptop in a backpack and knew that it was being charged while you were out and about? A solution like this would certainly be very useful for professionals and students alike who would like to be as mobile as possible while having the full power of a PC at their fingertips. HP saw the potential here and created a backpack that charges laptops.

The HP Powerup Backpack is anything but a standard backpack even though it looks like one. It’s capable of recharging a full laptop as it features a 22,400mAh battery. The battery is big enough to recharge a smartphone over ten times.

Powerup Backup also has ventilated pockets as well as heat sensors and regulators which prevent it from getting too hot. Since the battery in this backpack is rated to 84 watt-hours customers shouldn’t face any issues in taking it on a place since FAA regulations state that batteries over 100-watt hours are not allowed in checked or carry-on luggage with airlines being given the discretion to make an exception.

It looks good and is very function. What more could you ask from a backpack. The HP Powerup Backup will be released on October 1st, it can be pre-ordered today via Amazon. It costs $199.99.

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