hp_omen_x_2Building your own gaming PC is usually the cheaper route, although we guess the only downside is that in terms of after-sales service you’re pretty much on your own. Another disadvantage is that sometimes PC makers have the resources to craft designs for their gaming rigs that most regular users won’t be able to replicate.

If you are looking for an “out there” gaming rig, HP might have something for you. The company has recently taken the wraps off its latest gaming desktop PC in the form of the Omen X. As you can see in the image above, this is definitely not your typical design. Sure, gaming rigs have been known to go beyond the borders of traditional design for their chassis, but the Omen X certainly takes the cake.

However it isn’t designed just to look pretty. According to HP, the diamond design was chosen as it helps to keep the PC cool. “The OMEN X utilizes a diamond-shaped tower that rests on one edge – almost as if it were levitating in mid-air – so that all six sides are exposed, maximizing the ventilation and promoting airflow.”

The best part is that while HP is offering customers a variety of options in terms of specs to choose from, the company is also selling the HP Omen X chassis by itself, although for $600 we reckon that it will probably be aimed more at enthusiasts looking to build something different.

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