idSoftware_Guinness2When it comes to FPS games, it is safe to say that a lot of modern FPS titles can probably give their thanks to games like DOOM, Wolfenstein, and Quake, all of which were some of the earliest FPS titles around which helped made the genre into what it is today. In fact the company behind those titles, id Software, is still churning games today.

This is why it isn’t surprising to learn the id Software has actually managed to set 3 Guinness World Records. The records are for the longest-running FPS developer, the longest-running FPS series (Wolfenstein), and the longest-running eSports tournament (QuakeCon), which are rather impressive achievements to have been earned.

According to id Software’s Studio Director Tim Willits, “This is a great honor. I’m humbled by the legacy of our studio and the impact id Software has had on the videogame industry. I would also like to say that these awards would not have been possible without the continued support of our fans.”

He adds, “Working on first-person shooters for 24 years has been very exciting but also challenging. Our secret to success is focusing on the core components of each franchise first, ensuring they are great, and then building upon them with new and modern features and designs.” In the meantime, the studio is also working on its latest version of Quake in the form of Quake Champions which will most likely be seeing a 2017/201 8 release.

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