Many of you might have heard by now that the first major update for Windows 10 – titled Windows 10 Anniversary Update – caused a lot of headache for people using webcams. Even though the update was put through a lengthy testing process before it was publicly released, it still managed to break the webcams of thousands of users who are unable to use the accessory with their computers. Microsoft has now offered an apology for this debacle.

This isn’t the only complaint that came in after Microsoft released Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Some users even complained that their PCs were freezing up after installing the update.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update actually ended up disabling many USB-connected webcams by mistake, including popular models like the Logitech C920. The issue has impacted both consumers and business users who are calling on the company to quickly provide a fix.

Microsoft says that users should expect a fix to arrive via Windows Update in the coming month. Currently, there’s no workaround to temporarily get rid of this issue so users will have to make peace with Microsoft’s apology and wait until the update arrives.

Hopefully, Microsoft is not going to make users wait for too long in September before it sends out the fix that finally gets their webcams working again. The only other option is buying a new webcam that’s not affected by this issue.

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