nexus-6p-unboxing_01So there has been word that HTC is set to make this year’s Nexus handsets. However according to a report from Android Central, those rumors are partially true in the sense that while HTC will be making the phones, they might not actually be known as Nexus handsets upon their release.

Apparently Google is said to be dropping the Nexus brand and will instead be branded with Google, which seems to be in line with a rumored from earlier this month which hinted at Google-branded smartphones. The report goes on to add that these Google-branded phones will differ from typical Nexus handsets in terms of software as well.

What makes Nexus phones so appealing is that they typically run an unadulterated version of Android, and are first in line to get updates. With these new Google-branded phones, Google is expected to introduce additional software and a slightly more tweaked interface, meaning that we could be looking at certain handset exclusives which is probably good news for customers who purchase them, but less so for other Android users.

It is unclear if the Nexus brand will continue to exist but for other products, like tablets, but take it with a grain of salt and hopefully we will be able to get the official details soon.

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