Samsung is often accused of copying Apple but could the same claim now be made against Apple? One would hardly call having the tendency to explode a “feature” of the Galaxy Note 7 but given the widespread battery cell issue, that’s what it’s most likely to be known for now. There has now been a similar report about Apple’s latest smartphone. Apparently, an iPhone 7 has exploded in China for no apparent reason.

There aren’t a lot of details available about this incident as yet. A user on Reddit posted several pictures of this exploded iPhone 7 but didn’t exactly saw how this happened. The packaging seems to be fine and it’s unclear whether the handset caught fire in transit while it was still inside the box.

Reddit users are leaving hilarious comments on the post but that’s to be expected from them. We still don’t know what has caused this problem, whether it’s a battery defect like the one we’ve seen with the Galaxy Note 7 or whether someone did this on purpose to their iPhone 7 just for laughs.

Apple has not commented on the matter yet and it’s unlikely too given that the iPhone 7 doesn’t seem to have a battery defect that would warrant a recall like the Galaxy Note 7. This may very well be an isolated incident that goes unexplained.

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