Do you not want to play the entire new Destiny raid for some reason? Why wouldn’t you want to, it’s a pretty cool raid, but if you’re short on time and would like to get done with the raid as soon as possible, here’s how you can skip a third of the new Destiny raid. This walkthrough has been discovered by multiple players many with the express purpose of finding walkthroughs in the new raid.


The video that’s posted above comes from Destiny player The Lone Wolf who shows us just how easy it is to skip a third of the new Destiny raid regardless of what platform you’re playing this game on.

Players can easily walk through the Death Zamboni in Wrath of the Machine by simply running right through the walls. They will need to start fresh in order to utilize the walkthrough as it’s not possible to use the checkpoint to do this.

Skipping the entire fight means that players will not be able to get the normal loot chest though they will be able to get the exotic chest. However, you really shouldn’t skip the fight as it’s one of the most challenging and entertaining parts of this new Destiny raid.

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