ios-10-adoptionIn case you did not hear, iOS 10 was released yesterday and despite a little hiccup in which the update when installed via OTA caused some devices to brick (which has since been fixed), it seems that adoption of Apple’s latest operating system is moving along rather nicely, and in fact it seems to have outpaced 2015’s iOS 9.

According to Mixpanel (via BGR), you can clearly see in the graph above that iOS 10’s adoption is on the rise. Within the first 24 hours of its release, it has been estimated to have been installed on about 14.5% of all iOS devices. Like we said this has outpaced iOS 9 which managed 12% in 24 hours, so safe to say that things are certainly looking up for Apple.

iOS adoption has typically been pretty fast due to the fact that there are no obstacles to updating. For example last we checked, which was earlier this year, iOS 9’s adoption was sitting at 84%. So far it seems that iOS 7 still remains one of the fastest updates to be adopted, but we guess we’ll see how iOS 10 does in the next few months.

iOS 10 has brought about several major changes to the OS, such as a revamping of the Messages app which will now be more fun and social with stickers and apps. There is also a new Home app that lets users control HomeKit devices. Siri is also now open to third-party developers, in which we’ve seen apps such as WhatsApp take advantage of right out of the gate.

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