LeEco is one of the fastest growing companies in China and now it’s setting its sights on the United States. The company has confirmed that it’s going to formally launch in the United States next month, it has even sent out invites to the press so that it can share with them its vision for the LeEco brand in the U.S. If you’re unaware what LeEco does, it makes everything from TVs to electric cars.

Given the fact that it does so many things, LeEco is often referred to in the media as the Google of China. It’s also in the business of making smartphones which feature great specifications and happen to be very aggressively priced to compete with market rivals. It’s a strategy we have see Xiaomi use often and it has paid dividends for that company as well.

LeEco’s products aren’t really available in the U.S., at least not officially, but its U.S. launch indicates that customers in the country could soon get a lot of its products. The company recently acquired popular TV company Vizio and it will surely use that brand to find footing in the U.S. market.

The company recently raised $1.08 billion to develop an electric sports car and that’s just one of the interesting things it’s working on. We’ll find out more about LeEco’s plans for this market at its event which takes place in San Francisco, California on October 19th.

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