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Failed Acquisition Compels Vizio To Sue LeEco For $100 Million
Chinese technology company LeEco quickly made a name for itself as it took big and bold steps to establish a position in the market. It went so far as to create an autonomous all-electric car. Things have been going from bad to worse for the company over the past few months. It even had to abandon its proposed acquisition to TV-manufacturer Vizio. It’s going to cost LeEco, though, as Vizio […]

LeEco Lays Off 70% Of Its Workforce In The United States
LeEco had big ambitions for its business in the United States when it launched its products in the country with much pomp and circumstance. The reality has been different, though. The company has been facing financial issues which even caused it to abandon its proposed acquisition of Vizio. The company has now confirmed that it’s laying off most of its workforce in the United States.

LeEco TVs Get Official DirecTV Now App
A new software update has been released for LeEco smart TVs in the United States today which brings the official DirecTV Now app for the Android TV-powered models. This is the first time that a DirecTV Now app has been released for smart TVs and LeEco’s models have the unique distinction of being the first Android TV-powered models out there to get a dedicated app for AT&T’s standalone TV streaming […]

LeEco EcoPass Content Service Discontinued
There have been countless reports about LeEco’s ongoing financial troubles. The company recently confirmed that it was giving up on its Vizio acquisition. It just can’t seem to catch a break. Despite launching with much pomp and circumstance in the United States late last year, the company’s products haven’t really performed that well in this market. It has now decided to discontinue its EcoPass video and content service in the […]


LeEco Might Lay Off More Than A Third Of Its Entire U.S. Workforce
A lot has been said and written about LeEco’s ongoing problems. The company is believed to be in financial troubles which may have also caused it to abandon its planned acquisition of Vizio. LeEco did confirm officially yesterday that it was giving up on this idea but blamed it on “regulatory headwinds.” According to a new report, LeEco continues to struggle and may end up laying off a third of […]

LeEco Gives Up On Vizio Acquisition, Settles For 'Collaborative Partnership'
LeEco announced in the summer last year that it was going to acquire TV maker Vizio for $2 billion. Reports at that time suggested that the two companies had been negotiating for almost two years before they reached an agreement. Not a lot of progress has been made on the matter since then and LeEco today announced that it’s not going to proceed with the Vizio acquisition.

LeEco Vizio Acquisition Stalled
There’s a lot of news out there about the financial troubles that LeEco has been facing over the past few months and it doesn’t appear to be getting any better for the company. According to a new report out of China, LeEco’s proposed $2 billion acquisition of the TV maker Vizio has been stalled. One of the reasons cited for this in the report is China’s restrictions on “movement of […]

LeEco Expands Retail Partnerships In The U.S.
LeEco made a big deal out of its U.S. launch last year. The company has been selling its smartphones and smart TVs via its online store and other online retailers for a few months now but soon you will start seeing the company’s products in more brick-and-mortar stores as well. The emerging Chinese consumer electronics player has now announced the expansion of its national retail partnerships in the United States […]

LeEco Launches Le Pro3 Elite Smartphone
LeEco hasn’t been making a lot of noise recently probably because many reports suggest that the company is dealing with some financial troubles. Nevertheless, it has now come out with a new handset called the LeEco Le Pro3 Elite. We had been hearing for a few weeks now that the company could soon launch a new smartphone and those predictions have turned out to be true with the official launch […]

LeEco Promises Great Discounts In Valentine's Day Sale
Chinese manufacturer LeEco made its debut in the United States with much pomp and circumstance last year. The company has been trying to push its products in the U.S. market ever since. It often offers great discounts in one-day sales so customers are able to pick up products like smartphones and smart TVs at great prices. It’s going to do the same on Valentine’s Day.

Former Huawei Employees Arrested For Leaking Secrets To LeEco
Chinese giant Huawei has accused six of its former employees of leaking company secrets to rival LeEco and Coolpad. The six engineers and designers have since been arrested by the authorities in China as the investigation has now begun. All six currently work for Coolpad which is a subsidiary of LeEco. Huawei says that they infringed on its intellectual property rights.

LeEco Smartphones And TVs Now Available From Amazon
You may not have heard of LeEco before. It’s a Chinese brand that’s pretty big in its home country but now it’s trying to make a mark on the U.S. market as well. The company conducted a big launch event for the U.S. market in October last year and has since been selling some of its products in the country through its own online store. The company is now making […]

LeEco Launches 4K Action Camera ‘Liveman C1’
LeEco might not necessarily be a household name in the US, but the company has been steadily releasing smartphones over the past few years. In fact the company seems to be following in Xiaomi’s footsteps by diversifying their portfolio of products, which recently at CES 2017 included both mountain and road bikes.

LeEco Smart Mountain Bike and Smart Road Bike
We saw LeEco “Super Bike for the Future” last generation at an event in October in San Francisco, where the company’s CRO North America, Danny Bowman unveiled simultaneously a Smartphone (LeEco pro 3), a VR Headset,  a TV, a Smart Bike and a car (LeSee).