leica-sofort-instant-camera-2Leica is a company known for their high-end cameras which are almost legendary in status in the photography world. However it seems that in recent times, the company has been expanding its portfolio to try and appeal to as many customers as possible, and their latest effort comes in the form of an instant camera.

The folks at Leica Rumors have recently published images of Leica’s upcoming instant camera called the “Sofort”. This is actually not the first time the camera has been seen. Photographer Steve Huff recently published a photo of a copy of the latest Leica Fotografie which also shows off the camera ahead of any form of official announcement.

Details of the camera are slim, but apparently they will be using film packs similar to Fujifilm’s Instax films. For those unfamiliar with such cameras, basically they’re cameras that can snap and print photos on the spot, almost like a Polaroid. Usually these cameras tend to be marketed as “fun” cameras, so like we said, it certainly looks like Leica is trying to cover all their bases.

The camera is also rumored to be officially announced on the 15th of September, and is expected to go on sale in November. As for pricing, it is rumored to be priced at around $313 which is admittedly pricey as far as instant cameras are concerned, but with its Leica branding we guess we can’t say we’re surprised.

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