galaxy-note-7-design_27-frontWhile iPhone fans might have been disappointed at the earlier rumors that this year’s iPhone will be keeping to a design used in two previous generations (which were later proven true), Samsung wasn’t. In fact it seems that the company wanted to take advantage of that “disappointing” news by putting out a brand new phone ahead of the iPhone 7’s reveal.

This is according to a report from Bloomberg which claims that Samsung might have rushed out the Note 7 just so that they could beat Apple to the punch, and pack it full of new features and functions that would allow the company to shed the “copycat” image it had gained. Unfortunately it seems that due to the rush to get the phone out, it might have been one of the reasons as to why there were battery defects that caused the phone to explode.

Like we said, the plan was apparently to try and outdo Apple, and one of the ways would be to introduce a phone with an impressive battery life, which Samsung did by offering a 3,500mAh battery versus the 3,000mAh in its previous model. The pressure to meet deadlines was so great that Samsung employees had to sleep in the office so as not to waste time commuting.

As Samsung has refused to comment and verify Bloomberg’s reports, we can’t say with certainty that had Samsung taken their time with the phone, maybe the battery defects would have been discovered, but what’s done is done. Samsung’s share prices have taken quite a hit following the incident, and the recall is said to cost the company at least $1 billion, which safe to say is ultimately a failure of what Samsung had reportedly tried to achieve at the start.

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