Image credit - @maroTTmaro

Image credit – @maroTTmaro


Pokemon GO when first launched caused quite a bit of chaos due to its novelty. Players were walking around everywhere trying to catch all the Pokemon, and in some cases local police were forced to issue warnings on social media to tell the public to be careful when they are out and about playing the game.

By now the hype has clearly died down somewhat, but it seems it’s not that hard to drum up again. Recently in Tokyo, a rare Pokemon was spotted in Odaiba which caused quite a bit of chaos as players of all ages rushed out to catch it. As you can see in the photo above, the sheer number of Pokemon GO players is staggering to the point where police had to be called in to help maintain some order.

It is rather odd to see because if you’ve ever been to Japan, you know what an orderly society it has where people are generally polite and well-mannered and have no problems obeying the rules when it comes to lining up for food, the train, the bus, and so on. However with the sighting of Lapras, reports are claiming that people are ignoring traffic lights, running across the roads, and more.

Pretty crazy, huh? And also rather surprising for a game that is supposedly on the decline.

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