blizzard_voiceFor the longest time ever if you wanted to hold voice chats with your friends while playing games, you’d have to turn to other platforms like Skype, Ventrilo, or TeamSpeak, just to name a few. Blizzard has tried to introduce voice chat features in games like World of Warcraft, but last year the company announced a new feature called Voice Chat.


Unlike World of Warcraft’s voice chat feature which was limited to the game, Blizzard’s Voice Chat would be usable across all of their games. For those wondering when the feature would finally exit beta, wonder no more as Blizzard has officially launched Blizzard Voice. Note that there is no in its name because as you might recall, Blizzard will be doing away with the branding.

To use Blizzard Voice is pretty simple and straightforward. You’ll have to first update your launcher and once that’s done, you open up the Social window, create a channel, invite your friends, press the voice chat icon (the green one in the top right corner), and you’re good to go!

Now we’re not sure if Blizzard Voice will be good enough to replace existing platforms that have been in play for years, but if anything it does seem like Blizzard is trying to create their own ecosystem (the launcher is kind of Blizzard’s answer to Steam) where gamers can enjoy their games and services without having to turn to third-party software.

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