elder-scrolls-onlineIs Bethesda working on The Elder Scrolls VI? The short and simple answer is no, but for some reason gamers seem to think that it is, so much so that Bethesda’s Pete Hines had to take to Twitter to remind gamers that the game really isn’t in development, just so that he can clear the air and not mislead any gamers.

In a post that dates back to August, Hines tweeted, “fyi, the elder scrolls vi isn’t in development. we simply said we would make it eventually. don’t want people to be misled.” However some seemed to think that this statement was code for the game is in development, but it is in pre-alpha at the moment, to which Hines had to reiterate by saying, “no, it just means nobody is working on it.”

For some reason not everyone bought his second reiteration, forcing Hines to repeat himself again by saying, “no. It isn’t in development.” Now it is possible that previous comments could have been a bit confusing for gamers. Back in June Bethesda’s live stream during E3 saw the studio’s director Todd Howard say that The Elder Scrolls VI is something that they talk about.

However this was later clarified by saying that the game is probably years and years away and that it will only be revealed when it is ready. What we have taken for this to mean is that it is obvious that Bethesda is not done with the franchise yet, meaning that eventually there will be an Elder Scrolls VI, it’s just that it isn’t something they are working on yet.

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