ps4_slim_ffxvThe Sony PS4 Slim was announced not too long ago where it will retail for $300. It isn’t too bad of a price considering that this is essentially a slimmer version of the PS4 which retailed for $400 when it first launched several years ago. However if you are considering getting the console, maybe you’ll want to hold off for about a month or so.

According to a report from Best Black Friday (via PlayStation Lifestyle), they have heard whisperings that the PS4 Slim could be reduced by $50 during the Black Friday sales and will retail for $250. It is also expected to be available in a bundle form with a copy of Uncharted 4, so essentially you’ll be getting both a game and a console for $250, which is admittedly a pretty good deal if it is true.

Note that nothing has been confirmed yet so don’t get your hopes up just yet. However we guess there’s nothing to lose if you were to wait for a month, so unless you absolutely have to have the console now, you could save yourself some money. What is unclear though is whether or not the PS4 Pro will be given a discount as well.

The console was announced for a release on the 10th of November which is about two weeks away from Black Friday. Given that the console would be literally brand new at that point in time, we’re a little skeptical about seeing its price reduced, but one can always hope, right?

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