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Twitter often carries out tests on new features before it decides whether or not it would make sense to roll them out for all users. The latest test brings Apple’s “Reader” mode to the iOS app. Apple introduced Reader mode with the mobile version of Safari back in 2011. It automatically removes all of the fluff to display simplified web pages which results in a webpage that’s easier to read as there aren’t any distractions.

This means that when some Twitter users click on links contained within tweets through the iOS app, the in-app browser will have the Reader mode turned on by default.

The Reader mode removes all formatting found on almost all websites so that the layout is cleaner and easier to read. However, when the formatting is removed the page’s visual identity is lost so it’s not as visually appealing. That’s the trade-off one needs to make to get the true benefit of Reader mode.

Twitter is only testing this feature right now so it’s unclear whether or not it will decide to roll it out for all users. It all depends on how the test goes and what sort of feedback Twitter gets from the users that are a part of this test.

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