overwatch-reaper-screenshot-005While Blizzard might have somewhat tolerated cheaters back in its early days by not being so strict with their enforcements, these days the company is taking a no-nonsense approach when it comes to cheaters, especially in Overwatch. Right out of the gate when the game launch, Blizzard had already banned 1,000 cheaters, and those numbers keep increasing.

According to a recent post in the Overwatch forums in China (via Polygon), Blizzard has announced that they are banning around 1,700 players who have been caught cheating. The company writes (based on Google Translate), “Today, we once again for those accounts to use plug-in ‘Catcher pioneer’ in the crack down, all verified the existence of irregularities in the account will be subject to appropriate penalties based on the severity Feng Ting, and we still retained the power to penalize further added.”

As noted by Polygon, some of the players who have been banned have some pretty interesting and humorous nicknames which has been translated and posted by _CRISPR on Reddit. Blizzard’s continued banwave should hopefully make the game more enjoyable for the rest of the community who play by the rules. Also if Blizzard has plans to make Overwatch an eSports game, getting a handle on the cheaters is a good start to ensure that the game can be taken seriously by professionals.

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