Titanfall 2 developer Respawn Entertainment previously confirmed that it’s going to release free DLCs for this game. It has now confirmed more details about the first free Titanfall 2 DLC. Titled “Angel City’s Most Wanted,” the DLC is going to bring a map that’s a favorite among players as well as an in-game store. Respawn Entertainment has also confirmed when the DLC is going to be released.


The developer has already confirmed that all of the premium post-launch multiplayer content is going to be released free for Titanfall 2. This is going to the first of many free planned DLCs that will be released for the game in the months to come.

The first free Titanfall 2 DLC brings a much-loved map from the original Titanfall game. Angel City map is back with this DLC release which also adds an in-game store where players will be able to buy Titan variants, guns, camouflage, skins, and more.

Respawn explains that there is no in-game currency exchange, if players see something that they like in the store they buy it and that’s it. The developer is also planning to start offering double experience points on certain weekends and also provide more in-game recognition to some of the top players.

The first free Titanfall 2 DLC titled “Angel City’s Most Wanted” is going to be released for all supported platforms come November 30th.

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