ip7_vs_leicaThese days our smartphone cameras have gotten so advanced in terms of hardware and software that in some instances, they could completely replace compact cameras. However the question is, how will the iPhone 7 fare against one of the most expensive camera brands in the market today, Leica?

Turns out if all you’re doing is taking photos for the web and posting them on Facebook or Instagram, it’s actually quite hard to tell the difference. In a recent post on Peta Pixel, it seems that Japanese photographer Shin Noguchi decided to put both the iPhone 7 and the Leica M9-P to the test by taking photos side-by-side.

One of the example photos is pictured above in which the iPhone 7 took the shot on the left while the Leica M9-P took the shot on the right. Now there are some pretty obvious differences in both photos, in which the iPhone 7’s photo clearly has quite a lot of blown out highlights in the sky and on the roof’s tiles. The Leica M9-P handles it better and has a darker and richer tone.

Diving deeper and looking at crop comparisons, that’s when the Leica starts to become more obvious in which it manages to retain the details much better than the iPhone 7. The rain drops captured by the camera are clearer as opposed to a blurry mess on the iPhone 7, and the details in the rock are pretty crisp. Then again the M9-P is paired with a Leica Summicron lens in which the total package will cost $9,000, so it had better outdo the iPhone 7!

At the end of the day it isn’t really a fair comparison given the difference in size in both sensors, but it’s an interesting comparison because like we said, if we had uploaded this photo to Facebook where it would have been resized and compressed, no one save for a trained photographer would have been the wiser, wouldn’t you agree?

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