If you’ve been meaning to start using a password manager then you may want to check out LastPass. It’s already one of the most widely used password managers and today the team announced that it’s making one crucial feature free for all users. Starting today, users can use LastPass on any device, anywhere. It will automatically sync their passwords across smartphones, tablets, and PCs for free. Anything saved in LastPass on one device is instantly available for use on another.

The team says that launching this feature for free is part of its goal to ensure that people everywhere follow good password habits. It says that having a password manager that goes where users go, they automatically have a strong foundation for securing and taking control of their online identity.

LastPass already serves tens of millions of users across the globe and they will certainly appreciate having the ability to have their passwords synced across devices without them having to worry about anything. It makes signing into websites and services a breeze particularly when you’re hopping between devices.

LastPass continues to work on its mission to be the last password that its users need to know, and it says that perhaps in the future it might even eliminate its own master password so that users don’t need to remember a password at all. “When that leap comes, we’ll be there to help tackle the next generation of security challenges,” it says.

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