Trying to remember all your passwords, especially with different platforms requiring different combinations, can be tricky, which is where password managers come in handy as they can help users remember and even automatically fill out login information. LastPass is one of those password managers and it seems that they have seen an uptick in usage.

According to a post on its blog, LastPass has revealed that ever since the introduction of iOS 12 and the autofill feature, it appears that the usage of its password manager has increased by 50%. “Having access to this improved mobile experience on Apple devices has increased LastPass daily active users on mobile by 23%! Moreover, iOS 12 users log in to 50% more sites with LastPass per day.”

For those unfamiliar, prior to iOS 12 supporting in-app autofill, users of LastPass would have to copy and paste their login information from the app into the website or service that they’re trying to log into. While not terribly inconvenient, it did require extra steps which meant that users had less reason to use its service.

While this is obviously good for LastPass, the company also points out how this system benefits security in general. With more users using LastPass, it shows a shift in how users manage their passwords, which also encourages adoption of stronger passwords (LastPass has a password generator), and hopefully we’ll see a decline in the number of people using passwords like “12345678” in the future.

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