Customers opting for a Chromebook have limited choices. They can either go for a conventional notebook with or without a touchscreen display or they can opt for a laptop/tablet convertible. Multiple rumors in the past have suggested that Lenovo is going to shake up things in this market by launching a Chrome OS-powered variant of the Yoga Book. It has once again been rumored that Lenovo has the Chrome OS variant of the Yoga Book in the pipeline.

This latest bit of scuttlebutt is based on recent Chrome OS commits which show that developers have enabled an I²C bus for a vibration motor tasked with providing haptic feedback. Haptic feedback is what makes you feel vibrations when interacting with a mobile device and it’s implemented by the existing Yoga Book to provide a more realistic typing experience on the notebook’s unique Halo keyboard.

What this suggests is that the rumored Chrome OS variant of the Yoga Book is going to provide almost all of the features that are available in the existing model despite the fact that it’s going to be powered by an operating system that many consider to be a glorified web browser.

Lenovo hasn’t officially confirmed as yet if it’s going to launch this variant of the Yoga Book so we’ll have to wait and see if and when an official announcement is made. If this interests you, all you can do right now is keep your fingers crossed.

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