Authentication Will Soon Be Required To View Chrome OS Saved Passwords

Whether you’re using a third-party password manager like LastPass or 1Password, or using built-in password managers in your operating system, it works the same where you’ll need to enter a master password to view your saved passwords. Oddly enough Chrome OS never had this security where you could easily view saved passwords as long as the device was unlocked.

Chrome OS Will Soon Block The USB Port On Locked Devices

Say you’re in a cafe and you need to make a quick run to the bathroom, so for security purposes you lock your laptop, and go do your business. Safe for someone physically stealing your laptop, you should be somewhat safe from prying eyes, right? Nope, not entirely, no thanks to what those in the hacking community refer to as the “Rubber Ducky”.

Google Chromebooks Gets Better Screen Time Management Features

If you’re looking for a better way to manage screen time on Chromebooks, you’ll be pleased to learn that in an update to Chrome OS, Google has rolled out better screen time management features to the laptop. Prior to this, Chromebooks did come with parental controls although they were a bit limited.

Chrome OS Will Soon Be Able To Request For Mobile-Friendly Websites

Mobile-friendly websites aren’t automatically generated and it is the onus of the developer to create a theme friendly for mobile. However sometimes mobile websites lack certain features that the desktop version has, which is why users using mobile browsers have the option to request for the desktop version of the website.


First ASUS Chrome OS Tablet May Arrive At CES 2019

The International Consumer Electronics Show 2019 is only a couple of months away. We’ll get to see a wide variety of new products at the trade show in Las Vegas. ASUS always unveils new products at CES and if a new report is to be believed, we might get to see the company’s first Chrome OS tablet at CES 2019.

Google Assistant For All Chromebooks Out In Canary Channel

It was only a matter of time before all Chromebooks received support for Google Assistant, the search engine giant’s digital personal assistant that’s already present on a wide variety of devices. The Pixebook is currently the only Chrome OS device that comes with Assistant. That’s now changing as per Google’s promise. The company has made Assitant available on all Chromebooks in the Canary channel.

HP Launches Its Thinnest Chromebook Convertible

HP is a major player in the Chromebook market and the company today launched its thinnest Chrome OS-powered convertible yet, the HP x360 14. It’s the successor to HP’s original x360 which was released last year and it has a 14 inch display instead of its predecessor’s 11. The device has a 360 degree hinge so it can be used in four different configurations.

Google Pixel Slate Moniker Surfaces Again For Tablet/Convertible

There have been many rumors about Google working on a Pixel-branded tablet/convertible product. Some have suggested that this device may be called the Google Pixel Slate. There were reports to the contrary as well but the Google Pixel Slate moniker has surfaced yet again for this product from a source that’s deemed trustworthy.

New Renders Of Upcoming Google Pixelbook Leaked

We have been hearing rumors that Google is planning to launch a new Pixelbook device. Just a couple of weeks ago, a video surfaced which showed the alleged device. Now thanks to the folks at About Chromebooks, it seems that they have managed to get their hands on what appears to be renders of the tablet/laptop hybrid.

Google Shutting Down Gmail Offline Chrome App This December

Inbox isn’t the only email client that Google will be discontinuing in the near future. The company has confirmed that it’s also going to shut down the Gmail Offline app from Chrome OS in the coming months. This app will go away sooner than Inbox, which is scheduled for sunset in March 2019. The Gmail Offline Chrome app is going to be discontinued this December.

Google Pixelbook 2 Leaked In Video, Possible Detachable Keyboard

We have been hearing rumors that Google has a new Pixelbook in the works. Now thanks to a report from Chrome Unboxed, it appears that a video has leaked online that seems to show the Pixelbook 2 in action, and based on what we can see in the video, it seems to suggest that the device could sport a detachable keyboard.

Support For Multiple Google Accounts Could Be Coming To Chrome OS

On Android, users have the ability to add more than one Google account to their device. This means that you could have a phone that supports your personal use, work, and/or school. This also means that in some instances, you will be able to choose between using your accounts when it comes to downloading and/or purchasing apps.

Chrome OS Facial Recognition Support May Arrive In The Future

Google continues to add new features to Chrome OS and it’s certainly more powerful now than it was just a couple of years ago. A much awaited feature might finally make its way to the cloud-based operating system in the near future if a report is to be believed. It appears that Google is working on adding facial recognition support to Chrome OS.

Acer Launches New Swift 3, Swift 5 Laptops

As you might have heard, Acer recently launched the Chromebook 514 laptop. However if Chrome OS isn’t your cup of tea and you’re after a Windows-based machine, not to worry as Acer has you covered as well. The company has announced two series of brand new laptops in the form of the Swift 3 and Swift 5.