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Opera Releases An Optimized Browser For Chromebooks
Given that Chromebooks run on Chrome OS which is developed by Google, it’s not surprising that Chrome would be the default browser for the operating system. However, there are alternatives because since Chrome OS supports the running of Android apps, users can always download third-party browser alternatives from the Play Store.

Samsung’s Latest Chromebook Could Be Easy On The Wallet
Chromebooks generally have a pretty good reputation for being affordable, but it seems that Samsung could have something that’s even more affordable. This will come in the form of a new Chromebook that the company is calling the Galaxy Chromebook Go, which based on its specs would suggest that this will be easy on your wallet.

Google Promises To Update Chrome OS Once A Month
If you’re a Chrome OS user, there might be some good news for you. This is because Google has recently announced that they will soon start to update its Chrome OS at least once every month, meaning that users can look forward to things like bug fixes, security patches, potential new features, and more on a monthly basis.

Chromebook Users Will Soon Be Able To Access Photos From Their Android Phone
Apple’s ecosystem is so tightly integrated that users can move between devices with ease. They can easily cast videos from their iPhone to the Apple TV, share clipboards across devices, transfer files between the iPhone and a Mac wirelessly, and also sync photos, contacts, calendar events, and more.


Parallels Adds Support For More Chrome OS Devices
Chrome OS devices, like Chromebooks, are pretty cheap and are usually good enough to get the job done. But what if you needed a computer that could run software that wasn’t available for Chrome OS? Like a Windows specific software, for example? The good news is that Parallels has been updated where it will now offer support for more Chrome OS devices.

Chrome OS Could Soon Introduce Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
When you press certain keys on your keyboard, they perform certain tasks. There are also certain shortcuts built into your operating system like how CTRL+C is copy and CTRL+V is paste. However, for the most part these shortcuts are fixed, but Google could be looking to change things.

Chrome OS Gets New Features For Its 10th Anniversary
Yesterday marked the ten-year milestone for Chrome OS, and what a ride. Within that relatively short span (for an OS), Chrome OS went from zero to the world’s second most popular operating system with a 10.8% adoption in 2020.

Chrome OS Will Be Getting A Native Screen Recording Tool
When it comes to a lot of tasks on our computers, more often than not we turn to third-party apps and tools for certain tasks. This is because it’s not reasonable to expect companies like Apple, Microsoft, or Google to include every possible feature, plus sometimes not all native solutions work the best.

It Could Soon Be A Lot Easier For Chrome OS Users To Access Google Photos
In the tech world, it’s not surprising to see companies “borrow” ideas from each other for their own products and services. Take for example Chrome OS which allows users to run Android apps, something that Apple has borrowed for its M1 Mac computers. Now it seems that Google could also be borrowing something of Apple’s in return.

ASUS Could Have A New Chromebook In The Works With A Bundled Stylus
At CES 2021, ASUS took the wraps off a bunch of new computers, but it seems that the company had more products that they did not announce. A report from Chrome Unboxed has revealed a device called the ASUS Chromebook Flip CM3000 that was recently spotted in a listing on German retailer Saturn’s website.

2020 Was A Good Year For Google’s Chromebooks
Google’s Chromebooks are usually seen as a lower-cost alternative laptop for those who need a laptop but don’t want to spend too much money. It is also perfect for those who don’t require too much from their devices or don’t need to run more resource intensive applications, like if you’re just using it for school work or handling office related documents.

Samsung’s Next-Gen Chromebook Could Ditch The 4K Display For Better Battery Life
When Samsung launched the Galaxy Chromebook, one of the key features of the laptop was its 4K display. Given that Chromebooks in generally are typically marketed as budget laptops, having a 4K display was a nice touch, but reviews have found it less than favorable, especially with its terrible battery life.

Google Is Getting Ready To Bring Chrome OS To More Devices
Right now if you wanted to run Chrome OS, you’d pretty much need to get yourself a Chromebook. However, that could change in the future as Google and Neverware have announced that Google has acquired the latter and their CloudReady OS, which Google plans to eventually make it an official Chrome OS offering.

Google Could Bring Its Radar Technology To Future Chromebooks
One of the nifty features we saw Google introduce in the Pixel 4 was radar-sensing technology, also known as Project Soli. Granted it might come across as novel and somewhat gimmicky, but on paper it does hold a lot of promise. So much so that Google might be considering applying it to future Chromebooks and wearables as well.

Parallels On Chromebook Lets You Run Windows 10
Google’s Chrome OS is a relatively lightweight operating system that’s perfect for getting some work done, but there are instances when you might require more powerful apps or tools that are only available on other operating systems like Windows. Instead of buying a separate computer, how about using software instead?

Android And Chrome OS Will Soon Sync WiFi Passwords
One of the nifty features of the iOS and macOS ecosystem is that they all work hand in hand. This is especially useful if you have a new device and need to connect to the WiFi, in which you can actually sync the password of the WiFi network from an older device with the new one, saving you some time.

Chromebooks Could Get On-Device Google Assistant In The Future
The problem with a lot of digital assistants is that the processing is usually done in the cloud. This is why sometimes when you ask digital assistants like Siri a question, it can take a while for it to respond, but that’s something that Google will be changing with Google Assistant where last year, they announced that they would be baking Google Assistant into devices like their Pixel phones.

Chrome OS Will Soon Be Able To Run Windows Applications
Google’s Chrome OS platform runs either apps designed for Chrome OS, or in recent years, even Android apps. However, the good news for Chrome OS users is that in the future, you will soon be able to run Windows applications on Chrome OS. This is thanks to a partnership between Google and Parallels.

Google Wants To Separate Chrome Updates From Chrome OS
With Google’s Chromebooks, updates to Chrome OS and the Chrome browser are tied together. This means that in order to get the latest version of Chrome, Google needs to issue a new update to Chrome OS. Given that Chromebooks do have a life expectancy, it means that eventually your Chromebook will expire, and along with that, your Chrome updates.

Google Introduces New ‘Works With Chromebook’ Badge For Accessories
When you buy an accessory for a computer, typically on the box it shows symbols or icons that says that it is compatible with Windows or Mac computers. However, Google’s Chrome OS doesn’t get much love on that front, and while there are certain peripherals and accessories that work with Chromebooks, it isn’t always so obvious.