Netflix offers a ton of functionality but it’s missing one feature that many of its subscribers have long requested. It has never been possible to save content from Netflix for offline viewing. There are countless scenarios in which such a feature can come handy but Netflix had even ruled it out completely at one point. Fortunately, it appears to be warming up to the idea as the company pushes further into developing markets.

Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos has said in an interview with CNBC about the offline playback feature today that the company is “looking at it now, so we’ll see when.” This is perhaps the most positive signal we’ve received from Netflix as yet that it’s considering offering this feature.

Offline playback might eventually arrive on Netflix as it’s now a part of the company’s expansion strategy. Sarandos pointed out that since Netflix has launched in more territories now, all of them have different levels of connectivity which is why we see more of a downloading culture in some countries. Take YouTube’s offline viewing mode for example, it’s only limited to markets where there’s a big downloading culture.

Netflix now covers more than 200 countries across the globe and each one has its own set of challenges that Netflix needs to tackle in order to maintain its dominance as the leader in online content streaming.

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