It was reported recently that Nintendo is going to end production of the Wii U console in a couple of weeks but the company played down the report and said that this wasn’t happening in the near future. The company has now quietly confirmed that it’s really going to cease production of the Wii U in the very near future.

The company hasn’t made a big deal about this, it has opted to reveal this information through a note on its Japanese website. The note states that production of the Wii U is “scheduled to end soon.” Nintendo doesn’t go into much detail so it’s unclear right now precisely when this is going to happen.

There have been conflicting reports about when Nintendo is finally going to pull the plug on this console. Some suggested that it would end production in the first half of this year, others claimed that it will keep at it until 2018 at the very least.

We now know that the latter is not going to be the case even though Nintendo hasn’t provided a confirmed date on which it’s going to shut down the production lines for this console.

The company has bigger and hopefully better things to focus its energies on right now. The Nintendo Switch is its next-generation console and the company is expected to reveal more information about it in March next year. 2017 is going to be all about the Switch for Nintendo and thus it makes sense to put a console that sold less than 14 million units worldwide since launch to rest.

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