sega-genesisWhile Sega might have been known for its consoles back in the day, the company has long since quit the hardware business and has since focused on software. However it seems that Sega consoles are about to get a revival, or to be more specific, the Sega Genesis will be officially going back into production.

Before you think that Sega will be jumping back into the hardware business to compete with the likes of Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo, that won’t be the case. Instead it seems that in Brazil, TecToy, an officially licensed manufacturing partner, will be ones behind the production. The company has over the years been producing Sega hardware such as the Mega System and the Mega Drive (known as the Sega Genesis in the US), but they are now planning a “limited edition” of the Genesis that will resemble how the console used to look like back in the day.

This limited edition model will actually come with a cartridge slot which means that if you still have old Genesis cartridges lying around, and if they aren’t damaged, you should be able to play them in the console just fine. TecToy’s Genesis will also come with an integrated circuit which uses similar components to the original console.

It also comes bundled with the classic three-button controller and will feature 22 classic games stored in its memory. It is expected to see a release come June 2017, but for those interested you can go ahead and pre-order it now for around $138.

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