xess-alexaLast year we saw the 17.3-inch Xess tablet launch. This year its creators are back with an updated model which most notably comes with integration with Amazon’s smart assistant feature, Alexa, along with a host of other hardware changes that could make it a compelling upgrade if you so choose.


The latest Xess tablet is definitely not the first to integrate Alexa into its product. In recent times ever since the Amazon Echo gained traction, we’ve started to see Alexa integrated into products such as speakers, robots, and even remote controls, so to see it integrated into non-Amazon tablets doesn’t really come as a surprise.

With Alexa integrated into the Xess, it can pretty much do whatever Alexa can do, except now it comes in tablet form. In terms of hardware specs, we are looking at a tablet with a 17.3-inch Full HD display. Under the hood, a MediaTek octa-core chipset can be found with its processor clocked at 1.5Hz.

It also comes with a customized version of Android that will feature a 3-panel home screen, thus letting you view multiple windows at once. It also comes with 3GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, dual dual 3.6-watt JBL speakers, and a front-facing camera. It is priced at $500 and is available for purchase via Amazon.

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