Amazon’s Alexa App Now Sports A Revamped UI

While the behind Alexa is that users get to interact with devices supported by it using their voice, sometimes using the smartphone app can be useful or necessary. If you do use the mobile app from time to time, then you might be interested to learn that Amazon has recently given its Alexa app a makeover.

Alexa Skills Will Now Be Able To Work Together

While Amazon opening up Alexa to third-party developers is a good thing as it allowed more skills to be created, it also created a problem: these skills all work by themselves and there isn’t any cohesion to them. This means that you had to use different skills for different tasks, one after the other.

BlackBerry Has An Enterprise Alexa Device In The Works

BlackBerry is a company that was known to be the brand of choice when it came to mobile solutions for companies, at least that was the case back in the day. However the company has not given up on trying to appeal to enterprise customers and is now working on expanding its portfolio.

Lenovo Has More Alexa-enabled Tablets In The Works

Last year during IFA 2018, Lenovo took the wraps off the Home Assistant Pack. Basically it is a dock for tablets that comes with a speaker, which when put together essentially turns it into an Alexa-enabled setup come with a display and everything. In a way you could think of this as a more souped up version of the Echo Show.


Alexa Will Support Skype Calling Later This Year

Amazon’s Alexa-enabled devices allow users to do all kind of things, ranging from making appointments, setting reminders, checking the news, weather, traffic, and controlling smart home gadgets, just to name a few. However if VoIP calls are something you’d like to see Alexa do, then you might be pleased to learn that Skype calls will be supported by Alexa soon.

Amazon Just Launched A Microwave With Alexa

It was reported recently that Amazon is looking to bring its Alexa voice assistant to a wide variety of products including but not limited to microwaves. The report suggested that we might see some of those products by the end of this year but the company has surprised everyone by launching at least a few of those products today. Amazon has just announced a microwave that comes with its Alexa […]

Echo Sub Is Amazon’s New Subwoofer That Links Up Echo Speakers

Amazon has launched a handful of new Echo devices today one of which is the Echo Sub. As the name suggests, it’s a subwoofer that can be linked up with Echo speakers for a more premium audio experience. Amazon is clearly making a big push into the home audio space with these products. The Echo Sub is a 100W subwoofer that will provide ample bass for a home audio setup.

Amazon Echo Input Brings Alexa To Your Existing Speakers

If you have a speaker setup in place already that’s not a recent model and therefore doesn’t have an integrated digital personal assistant, don’t worry, because you won’t have to spend big money on an entirely new setup. Amazon has announced a new product today called Echo Input. It will bring Alexa to any and all existing speakers.

Amazon Echo Sub & Smart Plug Devices Leaked

A report from the other day suggested that Amazon has a bunch of new Echo/Alexa-enabled devices in the works. Now thanks to a couple of posts from Pocket-lint, at least two of the devices have been leaked in the form of the Amazon Echo Sub and also the Amazon Smart Plug.

Amazon Could Launch Up To Eight New Alexa Devices By End Of 2018

Amazon has been steadily releasing Alexa-enabled devices, and thanks to Alexa being open to outside companies, we’re seeing more Alexa devices find their way to the market. However it seems that Amazon might not be done just yet because according to reports, the company plans to launch at least eight new Alexa devices by the end of the year.

Update Removes Alexa Support From UE Boom & Megaboom Speakers

Last year Ultimate Ears announced the launch of the UE Boom and Megaboom speakers. While the company has been putting out portable Bluetooth speakers for a while now, what made this particular launch interesting is the fact that they come with Alexa support, meaning that these speakers are essentially smart speakers.

Amazon Reveals Alexa Available On Over 2,000 Devices

It became clear soon after Amazon unveiled its Alexa digital personal assistant that the company wasn’t interested in keeping the assistant limited to its own hardware. It has worked with countless partners recently to bring Alexa to a wide variety of products, including cars. That has resulted in Alexa becoming a dominant force in the digital assistant arena so much so that the company has revealed that Alexa is now […]

Netgear’s Latest Orbi Router Also Features An Alexa-Enabled Speaker

#IFA18 – Mesh routers are a great way to help ensure that your entire home is blanketed in WiFi. Netgear’s Orbi is one of the available mesh router systems available in the market today, and at IFA 2018 the company has since taken the wraps off the Netgear Orbi Voice. This is an interesting device as it combines a WiFi router with a speaker all into a single device.

Marshall Launches Two Alexa-Powered Smart Speakers

Marshall has announced the launch of two new smart speakers at IFA 2018 in Berlin today. Both feature the familiar Marshall design language and Amazon Alexa support. The two models include the Acton II and the Stanmore II, the latter being larger and more powerful. With Alexa onboard, the smart speakers are capable of performing a wide variety of tasks, basically everything that you would expect from an Alexa-enabled device.