darkmoon-faire-wowMost, if not all, MMORPGs celebrate world holidays, like Christmas, New Year, Easter, and so on. Usually what happens during these holidays, such as in World of Warcraft, is that players get to complete quests and take part in events exclusive to the holiday to win rewards like cosmetic items, titles, achievements, and so on.

However Blizzard is hoping to introduce more similar events to the World of Warcraft and in the upcoming Patch 7.15, the developer has announced that they will be introducing “Micro-Holidays” to the game. These Micro-Holidays are basically short-term holidays that will also come with their own activities and rewards, kind of like the Darkmoon Faire.

According to Blizzard’s description of the event, “These short-term holidays will feature various activities, and are meant to be participated in for fun, rather than for game-changing rewards found in events like Winter Veil. These micro-holidays may only last for 24 hours to celebrate a specific moment in Azeroth’s history. Blizzard intends to add more micro-holidays and more “to them” over time.”

Basically it sounds like it’s just more things for players to do when they’re not questing, raiding, or farming. Patch 7.15 will be preceding Patch 7.2 which is expected to introduce the new Tomb of Sargeras raid as well as class mounts.

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