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Blizzard Explains Why Diablo 1 Wasn’t Remade As A Standalone Game
Ahead of BlizzCon 2016, there were rumors that we could be getting a new Diablo game in the form of Diablo 4. There were even rumors about a Diablo 2 HD remake but that was quickly shot down by Blizzard. Instead what we got was a recreation of Diablo 1 within the world of Diablo 3 itself.

Blizzard’s Overwatch To Get Its Own Professional League
Blizzard’s eSports ambitions are hardly a secret and with the launch of Overwatch, we saw another part of the company’s plans being realized, but now it looks like it is official because during BlizzCon 2016, Blizzard announced that Overwatch would be getting its own professional league called “Overwatch League”.

Diablo 3’s ‘The Darkening of Tristram’ Will Be An Annual Event
It’s safe to say that following the rumors that there could be a Diablo 4 announced at BlizzCon 2016 this year, many gamers were disappointed when that did not happen. Instead what Blizzard gave us as a new “premium” (read: paid) class for Diablo 3 in the form of the Necromancer, and the remake of the original Diablo within Diablo 3 itself.

World Of Warcraft Patch 7.15 To Introduce ‘Micro-Holidays’
Most, if not all, MMORPGs celebrate world holidays, like Christmas, New Year, Easter, and so on. Usually what happens during these holidays, such as in World of Warcraft, is that players get to complete quests and take part in events exclusive to the holiday to win rewards like cosmetic items, titles, achievements, and so on.


Blizzard Wants To See If Google’s DeepMind Can Learn StarCraft 2
If you’ve ever played any of Blizzard’s RTS games like Warcraft or StarCraft, you know that the AI that Blizzard employs isn’t exactly the most devious or challenging. This is especially true after you’ve played against them for a while in which you’ll start to discover that they follow a script/pattern that you can exploit.

Final Nova Mission For StarCraft 2 Will Be Released This Month
Last year Blizzard announced that they will be releasing the Nova Covert Ops DLC for StarCraft 2 this year, and at BlizzCon 2016 this year, the company announced that they will be launching the third and final pack of the DLC later this month which will effectively end the DLC’s campaign.

Class Mounts Are Coming To World Of Warcraft
If you’ve played World of Warcraft, you know that class mounts aren’t exactly new. However they are only limited to certain classes, like the Paladin, Warlock, Death Knight, and Druid. The good news for players who don’t play those classes is that it looks like Blizzard will be introducing class mounts to every class in the game.

New Hearthstone ‘Mean Streets Of Gadgetzan’ Expansion Announced
A couple of weeks ago, Blizzard teased that they had a new Hearthstone expansion in the works, and during BlizzCon 2016, the company took the wraps off the “Mean Streets of Gadgetzan” expansion that will be released in the near future. However unlike the previous release, “Mean Streets of Gadgetzan” will focus more on introducing new cards.

Blizzard Officially Introduces ‘Sombra’ To Overwatch
Following leaked artwork from the other day, it looks like Overwatch’s latest character has been officially introduced in the form of Sombra. Players of Overwatch have known that this has been a long time coming, but it’s nice to see the character unveiled in all of her glory. Blizzard has even released an animated short to accompany the release which you can check out above.

Sorry No Diablo 4, But Blizzard Will Remake Diablo 1 Inside Diablo 3
There were rumors that we could be looking at a Diablo 4 announcement at BlizzCon 2016 this year, but alas that was not to be. Instead it looks like Blizzard has introduced a new “premium” Necromancer class, and has also announced that they will be recreating Diablo 1. However there’s a catch and that is the original game will actually be remade inside of Diablo 3.

Blizzard To Introduce ‘Necromancer’ Class To Diablo 3
If Diablo 3 is starting to get a bit stale for your liking, not to worry as Blizzard has announced their plans to break the monotony. The developer has announced that they will be introducing a new premium class to the game in the form of the Necromancer, which technically isn’t really new since the Necromancer actually made his debut back in Diablo 2.

Blizzard Will Only Discuss Legacy World Of Warcraft Servers After BlizzCon
Ever since fan-run servers Nostalrius caught the attention of Blizzard, it led to many gamers discussing the possibility of having separate World of Warcraft servers setup just to play the vanilla version of the game. Unfortunately it seems that Blizzard won’t have an answer for us until after BlizzCon 2016.

New Diablo Game Speculated For BlizzCon 2016
It has been a while since we last saw anything major announced for the Diablo franchise, patches aside. There has been speculation that a new game could be in the works as Blizzard appears to have been hiring for a Diablo-related project, and now thanks to a video uploaded by YouTuber Rhykker, there is some speculation that a new Diablo game could be in the works.

Did Blizzard Just Hint At Diablo News For BlizzCon 2016?
Last year we heard the rumors that a new Diablo 3 expansion was in the works, but BlizzCon 2015 came and went without any Diablo news whatsoever, or at least nothing major. We have since heard rumors that Diablo 4 might be the next title and several recently sighted job listings have indicated that Blizzard is working on something Diablo related.