AMD has created a lot of hype in enthusiast CPU space over the past few months for its Zen-based processors and the company has now revealed some more information about the new CPU. AMD has provided some details about its next-generation processor that will be available in the first quarter of next year. It showcased some demos and revealed some specifications of the processor it’s calling Ryzen.

AMD is no longer calling the next-gen CPU by its architectural codename Zen. It’s going to sell them under the Ryzen brand. AMD says that this new product is meant for the high-end desktop market, revealing that the top-end model will have an eight core design with support for simultaneous multi-threading.

While there will be several SKUs in the Ryzen brand, AMD has revealed that the base clock for the high-end SKU is going to be over 3.4 GHz. The company also introduced SenseMI, a new set of learning, sensing, and adapting technology built into the Ryzen processor that works with other improvements in platform, architectural, efficiency, and processing technology to better address the demanding needs of users.

At its New Horizon event, the company demonstrated its upcoming Vega GPU architecture for the first time. The rig was powered by Ryzen and demonstrated Star Wars: Battlefront – Rogue One at 4K resolution with “smooth, high framerates.”

Image rendering and video transcoding demos based on Blender and Handbrake demonstrated that the new processor can “match or outperform” the Intel Core i7 6900K which is also an eight core, 16-thread processor.

AMD Ryzen processors for desktops are slated to arrive in the beginning of Q1 2017 while notebook processors are going to arrive in the second half of next year.

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