Nintendo’s mini-console, the NES Classic Edition, has sold more than 200,000 units in the United States and it’s still proving to be very hard to find. Nintendo did say that it will continue to provide additional inventory over the holiday season but whenever it comes back in stock it’s almost immediately sold out. If you’ve been meaning to buy NES Classic Edition before Christmas, GameStop might be your best bet.

A notice issued by GameStop reveals that the chain expects to receive a small number of NES Classic Edition units to be available in its stores both today and tomorrow. So if you’ve been trying very hard to buy NES Classic Edition, best start calling your local GameStop stores to see if they have any in stock.

“GameStop has again received another limited shipment of Nintendo NES Classics today through Thursday,” the chain’s notice mentions, adding that “Only available in store, not online. GameStop recommends that customers call their local stores to determine local quantities.”

It goes without saying that many people will be heading to GameStop stores to buy NES Classic Edition before Christmas since it has proven to be one of the most highly anticipated gadgets of the holiday season. You shouldn’t waste any time in tracking down a unit if you’ve really been meaning to buy one or you may not get to do so until next year.

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