gta-online-valentines-updateRockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V was a long time in the making and fans were definitely eager to get their hands on it when it was released back in 2013. Now that we’re approaching the end of 2016 which marks a little over 3 years since the game was released, how is it faring? Turns out out that GTA V is holding up very well.

According to Chart-Track’s data, it has been revealed that just in the UK alone, Rockstar’s GTA V has managed to sell a whopping 6 million copies and counting! We are also talking about physical copies so if you were to combine that with digital downloads, that number could be much higher.

While the game was initially launched for the PS3 and Xbox 360, Chart-Track claims that the launch on the PS4 and Xbox One helped to boost the game’s sales, and rightfully so since we imagine that gamers would much rather play on a current-gen console than the old one. It also helps that Rockstar is keeping the game alive through GTA Online in which new updates to the game are constantly being released.

We’re not sure if and when a Grand Theft Auto VI will be released, but like we said, GTA Online is helping to keep the fire burning so we’re not sure if a sixth installment in the franchise is necessary at this point.

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