Overclocking is a very niche passion but those who do it swear by it. They probably can’t fathom not tweaking a processor to get the best possible performance they can out of it. While the public has to wait for a bit to get their hands on Intel’s latest Kaby Lake Core i7 processors, the company has sent out several units to overclocking professionals over the past few weeks to see what they can do with it. On such professional has been able to overclock the Core i7-7700K past a whopping 7 GHz.

Professional overclocker Allen “Splave” Golibersuch tweaked the Core i7-7700K to blaze past 7 GHz by disabling key features like hyperthreading and two of the processor’s four cores. The clock multiplier was turned up to 69x and the Vcore voltage pushed past 2.00V.

These are not the sort of settings that an average user would need to would even know how to configure. It’s safe to say that special aftermarket cooling will be required to run such a setup and a motherboard that’s designed for overclocking will be required as well.

The 7022.96 MHz clock of Golibersuch’s Core i7-7700K appears to have been fairly stable, demonstrating that the processor can do much more than what the average user can fathom. He had to use liquid nitrogen to cool this overclock which was reportedly bench stable because that’s just what overclockers do.

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