Opera Max, a free VPN service, made a change in October that prompted users to re-enable it every 12 hours. The service was already supported by ads and links to help pay for the servers that power the VPN service but it decided to take this aggressive step even though it wasn’t something that users liked. It’s switching gears today by offering unlimited VPN use with a catch.

The new Opera Max VIP Mode eliminates the need to re-enable it after every 12 hours. The prompt will no longer nag VIP Mode users so they will be able to leave the VPN on at all times.

The catch here is that Opera Max will display lock screen ads when the handset is being charged. The ads will appear over the top of the standard lock screen and they will display the handset’s charge level, time, and date. Users will need to swipe up to access the normal lock screen of their device.

As long as the device is being charged, Opera Max is going to display ads on the lock screen but it won’t do that when the device is unplugged so that it doesn’t consume additional battery life. I’m sure many users will be happy to make this trade-off as long as they get unlimited VPN use out of it.

The updated version of the Opera Max app is now available for download.

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