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The Best VPN Services Rank High In Five Things
A virtual private network helps you stay safe online, keeps your online activities safe from prying eyes and provides access to all content posted on the network. Choosing a VPN service for PC or watchingNetFlix is a tricky decision. With hundreds of different providers, reading a VPN NetFlix reviews and choosing the right one means achieving the right balance between services, ease of use and pricing.

iOS 13.4 Bug Is Breaking VPN Data Encryption Features
One of the main purposes of using VPNs is to protect your identity and also keeping your data encrypted. However, it seems that due to a bug in iOS 13.4, it looks like the latest update is breaking data encryption for VPNs, essentially rendering them (kind of) useless and defeating the whole point of using them.

How To Work With Remote Employees Over the Internet
Nowadays, the info structure of different enterprises requires the inclusion of distant offices and branches. How to include a new segment of the enterprise in an integrated corporate net? Conduct your own wired channel? It’s expensive and not always possible due to remoteness or difficulties with installation in the city overloaded with wired communications. Use a wireless channel? It is not too cheap and poorly noise-resistant, as well as difficulties […]

NordVPN Officially Confirmed That It Was Hacked In 2018
NordVPN is a quite popular VPN service which helps enhance online security and privacy. However, with the recent confirmation on the hack officially, a lot of users have been disappointed.In their blog post, they addressed that their services were compromised due to a breach in one of their servers in Finland.They found out about the breach a few months ago but decided to announce it only after their whole network […]


Russia Will Start Banning Major VPN Services
Travelers to Russia might want to take note. The country may soon begin to block some major VPN services after they refused to link up with a national blacklist which would prevent their users from accessing the blacklisted websites even when using the VPN service. It’s expected that the ban on these VPNs could be enforced within a month.

Facebook’s Onavo VPN App Will Be Shut Down For Good
Last year it was discovered that Facebook had been promoting its “free” Onavo VPN app. While VPNs are generally viewed as a good thing and a good way to protect your privacy, it was discovered that the Onavo app was actually did the opposite by tracking the user’s activities across the web.

Alphabet Incubator Launches Outline, A Secure VPN For Journalists
Google announced its $300 million initiative to combat fake news yesterday which was followed up with the launch of a secure VPN for journalists called Outline. It has been developed and launched by Jigsaw which is a technology incubator at Alphabet, Google’s parent company. Outline is an open source VPN that enables news organizations to provide their networks with safer access to the open internet.

Security Flaw In Popular Hotspot Shield VPN App Can Expose Users
The entire purpose of using a VPN is to ensure that your internet activity remains private and that the user remains anonymous. So it certainly defeats the purpose when a security flaw is found in a popular VPN app that can expose user data as well as locations. One such information disclosure flaw has been discovered in AnchorFree’s Hotspot Shield VPN app that’s used by an estimated 500 million people […]

VPN Apps On App Store Removed In China
It was recently reported that China was going to tighten its ban on VPN services which would more or less make it impossible for internet users in the country to bypass restrictions placed by the government. Though the government later issued a clarification in that regard, it still appeared that China would make it more difficult to rely on VPNs. According to a new report, almost all major VPN apps […]

China Personal VPN Ban Clarified
The internet in the People’s Republic of China is heavily regulated. The restrictions that the government has put in place are collectively referred to as the “Great Firewall of China.” It was reported earlier this week that China was going to ban all personal VPNs by February next year. The country’s relevant ministry has now offered some clarification on what the ban actually entails.

VPNs In China May Be Blocked Next Year
China’s great firewall keeps the internet experience in the country in check. The authorities have control over what can and can not make it through the Great Firewall. VPN services have long enabled users to find a way around the wall but that may prove to be difficult next year. China is reportedly going to block all virtual private networks or VPNs by 2018.

CERN And MIT Scientists Release Free VPN Service
A group of CERN and MIT scientists created a secure, encrypted email service called ProtonMail quite a while back. They are now out with a new product. It’s a VPN service that has been released in response to the roll back of internet privacy rules that were enacted in the Obama administration. The ProtonVPN service is now available for download to users across the globe as the service is finally […]

Opera Max 'VIP Mode' Offers Unlimited VPN Use With A Catch
Opera Max, a free VPN service, made a change in October that prompted users to re-enable it every 12 hours. The service was already supported by ads and links to help pay for the servers that power the VPN service but it decided to take this aggressive step even though it wasn’t something that users liked. It’s switching gears today by offering unlimited VPN use with a catch.

Opera VPN App For Android Released
Opera released an update of its desktop web browser earlier this year which included a built-in VPN. The VPN enables users to hide their IP addresses by routing their traffic through a third-party server, this allows them to maintain anonymity and even bypass geographical restrictions. Opera has taken its VPN ambitions one step further today by releasing a standalone VPN app for Android.