Articles about Opera Max

Opera Max VPN App Discontinued
Opera released its Opera Max VPN app back in 2014. The app was meant to help users reduce their data use on mobile. The app used to compress data before it reached the device so that users saved data when they streamed a video or browsed websites. It became very useful for those who were on plans with monthly data limits. Opera has now decided to discontinue Opera Max.

Opera Max 'VIP Mode' Offers Unlimited VPN Use With A Catch
Opera Max, a free VPN service, made a change in October that prompted users to re-enable it every 12 hours. The service was already supported by ads and links to help pay for the servers that power the VPN service but it decided to take this aggressive step even though it wasn’t something that users liked. It’s switching gears today by offering unlimited VPN use with a catch.

Opera Max Has Been Optimized For Android Tablets
The Opera browser is popular partly because of its data compression and Opera Max is a way to get the benefit of that data compression without being limited to the company’s web browser. Opera Max brings the same data compression capabilities so that users can save bandwidth regardless of the app they’re using. Opera Max was previously optimized only for smartphones but today it has been optimized for Android tablets […]

Opera Max Will Help You Save Data When Streaming Music
For those unfamiliar with Opera Max, it’s basically an app that is designed to help users save data when they visit websites, especially when they stream video which happens to be one of the more data-intensive activities one can do on their phone. However let’s not forget that music streaming takes up data too, and Opera Max will help you with that.According to a report from TechCrunch, it seems that […]


Opera Max Now Compresses Netflix And YouTube Videos
Opera Max is a data-compressing proxy for Android which lets users save a good chunk of mobile data by compressing videos, text and images as they surf online or use data-intensive applications like Instagram. Previously it was unable to compress HTTPS videos which meant Opera Max offered no savings when streaming YouTube or Netflix on mobile data but that changes today, it’s now capable of compressing Netflix and YouTube videos as […]