amazon dashLast year Amazon launched its Dash buttons, a physical button linked to your Amazon account and a particular product in which it allowed users to place an order at a press of a button. It seemed almost like a gag but it has proven to be rather popular. So much so that Amazon has since launched a virtual version of it.


According to a report from Recode, Amazon has created virtual copies of its Dash buttons that they are placing on its homepage as well as on the home screen of its Amazon app. They function pretty much the same as the physical buttons, except that since they’re digital they can be easily changed to different products and they are based on products that you have recently ordered or that you order often.

Like we said they function the same as the physical buttons but given that they now live on Amazon’s website and its app, you don’t actually have to be at home to press the buttons to place an order. This means that if you’re out and you remember that you’re running low on a particular product like washing detergent, you can launch the app and click the virtual button and your order will be placed.

We have to admit it does seem like it too Amazon a roundabout way to arrive at the one-click purchase function, but given that the virtual dash buttons are free, perhaps we’ll see an uptick in their usage.

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