digimon-20thBack in the day where digital pocket pets were a thing, where Tamagotchi was all the rage, there was Digimon which in a way represented a more “violent” version of Tamagotchi in which players could rear Digimons on this tiny portable devices and then do battle with other players by connecting the devices together.

It looks like Bandai Namco wants to bring the fad back because to celebrate Digimon turning 20 years old (yes, it was that long ago), the company has announced new Digivices. In case you’re too young to know what we’re talking about, basically Digivices are those keychain-sized gadgets pictured above where you would hatch a new Digimon, feed it, care for it, and make it grow up and fight other Digimons.

According to the company, two color versions will be launched. One is “Original Brown” and the other is “Original Grey”, although judging from the photo they seem to be more Red and Blue rather than Brown and Grey. Both devices are expected to contain Digimon from the first five devices as well as the previous 10th and 15th editions. It will even allow players to collect newly evolved Digimon like Zabumon.

No word on when they will be available or how much they will cost when (if) it arrives stateside, but it is currently available for pre-order in Japan.

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