StarCraft-2-Legacy-of-the-Void-TassadarThe first installment in the StarCraft 2 series was Wings of Liberty which launched way back in 2010. It was then followed by Heart of the Swarm and last but not least, Legacy of the Void. However could Blizzard be considering giving away the first installment in StarCraft 2? According to a post on Reddit, it certainly seems that way.

Blizzard has not announced anything yet but it seems that there are multiple reports of gamers who are receiving a free copy of StarCraft 2. This has led to speculation that maybe the first installment will soon be a free-to-play title, with gamers only having to purchase Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void if they wish to gain access to more content.

At the moment the giveaway seems to be random and it is unclear as to how one can be selected to receive a free copy of the game, or if Blizzard eventually plans on giving it away to all gamers who don’t already have a copy of it. Like we said Wings of Liberty was released back in 2010 which makes it pretty old as far as video games are concerned, and it is also understandable that not many people might be buying it anymore.

Plus with StarCraft’s current storyline coming to an end, it makes sense that Blizzard will want players to stay interested in the franchise for if and when the next title in the series will be launched. In the meantime have any of our readers received a copy of the game for free?

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