hearthstone karazhanIs there a market for online card games that aren’t poker or blackjack? Sure there are, all you have to do is look at Blizzard as a prime example. While there are several online card games available at the moment, it’s hard not to associate such games with Blizzard’s Hearthstone that was launched back in 2014 and spans multiple expansions since.

This is why it is not surprising that according to MMOs (via Kotaku), it has been estimated that Hearthstone managed to rake in a whopping $400 million in the year of 2016 for Blizzard, or to be more specific MMOs says that it is around $395 million which is equally impressive, with second place going to Shadowverse which trailed pretty far behind at $100 million, although it seems that some were surprised given that it was only launched in the middle of the year.

That being said, MMOs notes that the number of US CCG players spending on in-game content is around 7.6% which is a higher rate compared to other free-to-play games, but we guess it makes sense because cards are needed to build good decks, whereas other free-to-play games might not make in-game purchases feel quite as necessary.

Either way this is good news for Blizzard and the online CCG scene, which in turn will probably encourage other developers to try and create their own. In the meantime there are other titles that players can check out if they are interested, such as Gwent which is based on The Witch and Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls: Legends.

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