hisense-laser-4ktvHisense, the China-based company that has already taken over Sharp’s TV business, is certainly intent on making its mark in the high end US TV/Projector market. A strong indication of this would be the 100-inch Laser 4K short throw projector that has been presented as their flagship device, and you would do well to have a rather fat bank account as well as room to spare in your apartment or home if you would like to bring this monstrous home theater setup.

The Hisense 100-inch Laser 4K “TV” will make use of a short-throw projector in order to send a 4K HDR picture onto the display, taking the USB or HDMI route in the process. Not only that, but there is an UHD upscaling capability so that your older media will gain a boost in its perceived resolution. To further sweeten the deal, it comes with a wide color gamut support alongside 5.1 sound channel capability, sporting a pair of rear speakers and a sub-woofer that is nestled within. The asking price for this behemoth? A pretty cool $13,000, which would place it out of reach of many.


Interestingly, HiSense has an even better version, which is not yet commercialized: the Hisense Dual-Color Laser Cast 4K. It has two lasers and two color wheels, which makes it capable of a larger color gamut and higher brightness. Both projectors work with DLP technology, an old, but proven method of driving projectors.


Other TVs that Hisense has on their list would be pretty long — especially since the company would like to make a really big splash in this department. In fact, there is a little bit of something for everyone from this Chinese manufacturer, ranging from the entry level all the way to the high end as you have seen earlier.

It does not matter whether you are Vizio, Samsung, Sony, or LG: Hisense is clearly ramping up their efforts to take a chunk out of the TV pie and has the arsenal of products to do so. It now remains to be seen whether their marketing department is sleek enough to make sure the brand invokes a sense of “I must have this!” in the psyches of the masses. [Press Release]

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