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Xiaomi Selling A $2,000 Laser Projector At Walmart
Xiaomi doesn’t offer a lot of products in the United States. Its smartphones have yet to make an appearance Stateside but some of its other devices are available. The list includes its 150 inch laser projector that costs $1999.99. It’s available for purchase in the U.S. exclusively from Walmart.

First 4K Projector From LG Goes On Sale This Week
Ahead of CES 2018 back in January, LG unveiled a 4K HDR projector that’s the first product of its kind from the company. LG revealed back then that the projector can project 4K resolution on a surface that can go as high as 150 inches. This means that users can effectively cover their entire wall with 4K resolution content. The company has now confirmed that its first 4K projector will […]

Dell S718QL Short-Throw 4K Laser Projector
Dell has just launched a 4K short-throw projector that can display an 100 inches image at a 4-inch distance from a wall (a 9” distance yields a 130” image). Dell positions it as an ideal projector for business/productivity applications, but we are sure that many people would not mind using this as an easy-to-install (expensive) home-theater system…

Hisense Laser Cast 100-inch 4K Projector: A Jaw Dropping Moment
Hisense, the China-based company that has already taken over Sharp’s TV business, is certainly intent on making its mark in the high end US TV/Projector market. A strong indication of this would be the 100-inch Laser 4K short throw projector that has been presented as their flagship device, and you would do well to have a rather fat bank account as well as room to spare in your apartment or […]


Sony VPL-VZ1000ES Ultra-Short Throw 4K HDR: A Dream Projector
Over the years, Sony has demonstrated some very impressive, or even “dream” short throw projector. At CES 2017 the Sony VPL-VZ1000ES will fulfill this role, as a High Dynamic Range 4K projector that can be placed as close as 6-inches away from the 100-inches projection plane.

Epson's Latest Projector Features HDR
HDR or High Dynamic Range is all the rage these days. You can get this technology on TVs and monitors, even gaming consoles are jumping on the bandwagon as this technology significantly improves the viewing experience. Epson is a major player in the projector market and today it has launched new projectors one of which features HDR.

Lenovo IdeaCentre 610S: A PC + Video Projector
[CES 2016] There are PCs designed for work, PCs designed for gaming, and there are also PCs designed for the living room where its main purpose is to facilitate the watching of TV shows, movies, videos, and etc. Now if you are looking to equip your living room with such a device, Lenovo has announced the IdeaCentre 610S that sounds like it would be a great idea.Why do we say […]

Lenovo ThinkPad Stack Mobile Projector
[CES 2016] There are times when you need to make a presentation on the fly, and if you have a laptop it obviously would not be practical to have a group of executives crowding around your 13-inch screen, right? This is where having a portable projector comes in handy.If you do believe that such a device will come in handy, Lenovo has recently announced the ThinkPad Stack Mobile Projector. This […]

LG MiniBeam Projector Can Beam Large Screen From A Short Distance
LG has unveiled a new projector earlier this week called LG MiniBeam PF1000U, it comes with something called “Short Distance Focus,” which basically means that the projector is capable of beaming a very large screen from a very short distance. The new MiniBeam model significantly reduces required distance for image projection using mirrors, the minimum necessary distance from the projector to the screen is about 14 inches.

Sony PS4 Projector Costs Almost Same As The Console
Earlier this week Sony released a new projector for the PlayStation 4 rather quietly, it didn’t have a major presence at Gamescom like rival Microsoft but did conduct a stage show earlier in the week. The projector aims to do what Microsoft allows with Windows 10 to Xbox One streaming though it comes at a price that’s almost at par with that of the console itself.

Lenovo Pocket Projector
Pocket projectors are a specialty category that is extremely competitive. With its Pocket Projector (resolution 854×480 only), Lenovo enters a heavily contested segment with players like ZTE and others. For anyone who has had to travel with a full-size projector, the benefits of these smaller version is rather obvious: for a fraction of the weight, it is possible to have a very decent 1-1 presentation, and when your work is […]

LG 3D projector for your living room
So you have a 3D capable HDTV sitting in your living room, but what happens when you feel that the viewing real estate is not large enough to accommodate what your eyes (and that of visitors) demand? I suppose the next logical step would be to acquire an even larger 3DTV, but assuming you maxed that out during your previous purchase, what other alternatives do you have to fall back […]

Dell M110 Ultra Mobile Projector introduced
Now here is yet another mobile projector that might be of interest to you, although of late, pico projectors tend to fail to excite the general market. After all, when was the last time that you actually saw someone making a presentation in some dark corner with a pico projector in tow? Yeah, that’s what I thought, too. Still, it somehow makes perfect sense to have a company like Dell […]

ViewSonic PJD6 Series DLP projector range announced
The latest PJD6 Series DLP projector range from Viewsonic will comprise of a trio of projectors – where they are known as the PJD6253, PJD6223 and PJD6553w, and they are all Crestron and AMX certified. Not only that, they will also be specifically designed for both classroom and corporate environments, being equally comfortable in either environment. Boasting Crestron RoomView network management software, this software will pave the way for centralized […]